Make your shoe investment last longer!

As the new year has started off to a slow start and the weather has been all over the charts. It reminds us that we should revisit some things about shoe care for your shoe investment.

Since the weather has been somewhat calm and not much moisture, we sometimes forget to protect our footwear from the elements with a water protector. One can either get one that will just repel moisture or buy one that is a water proofer. The only negative about water proofing is that it can close the pores of the leather and not allow your footwear to breathe. However, we do sell one that is suggested for outdoor footwear that will not plug the pores and still allow your footwear to breathe.

We always suggest to polish your shoes with a quality shoe cream to keep the leathers nice and supple. This also will protect your footwear from moisture and keep your shoes looking sharp.

If you have any questions concerning good shoe care, just stop in and talk to the Staff at Brown’s and we will make sure we get you set up on all your shoe care products.

We don’t want you going to your next meeting or special occasion with tacky looking shoes.

When the season ends and you need to put away your fall and winter wardrobe, make sure that your shoes are ready to be put up. Don’t store them away dirty from the winter months wear.

We hope these tips keep your shoes in the best condition throughout the season, and into spring!