It’s been a busy year here at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., Hutchinson

So, we wanted to step back and take a breath and say…..”Thank You” to our present and future customers. If you were not aware of what took place this year I just wanted take a moment and reflect on some the things that took place over the last 11 months.

At the end of February we moved out of our present location and into the “old” Hastings location to prepare for a front to back remodel. The move out took right at 4 days and another 3 to prepare for the event. In the month we were there, we learned alot about patience. After those 35 days we were ready to move back into our new remodeled store. Again we took 5 days to get back in and set up, and it was great to be home.

In Late April and early May we had our Grand Reopening, with the Hutchinson Chamber coming out and doing a ribbon cutting. With our Grand Reopening we were able to change our layout and add some exciting changes to our store.

We added a new brand, Abeo, which included their concept shop. If you have not experienced Abeo shoes or orthotics you need to stop in and have our staff scan and size your foot and try on some “biomechanical” footwear. This is a shoe company that has been developing footwear with comfort and support in mind.

We also added a new accessory line, Bagalinni. We are now a shop in shop store offering almost everything they offer. So stop in and take a look at one of the best travel bag and travel accessory lines out there.

Well, I said I was going to share with you some of the high points from our year at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. If you have not stopped in, I personally invite you to come take a look around and see the new look. We really like it!!

As we continue in to a new year we also would like to invite you to step in and enjoy our “shoe experience”. But the most important message we would like to share with you is……

Thank you for your continued support in an ever changing retail shopping world. We really appreciate your business!!