Education in the Shoe Business

Recently I have been asked to speak to small groups in our community about proper footwear to wear, which seems to always bring up the same question in a lot of these settings.  Which is why I thought that I would address it in our monthly newsletter.

That question is, “What makes your shoes different than everyone else’s?”  Well, let me answer that here for you.


As in any business there is many different types of products that you can purchase from that specific store.  Almost all of our vendors, companies we buy from, make different levels of product that they sell to different retailers from single standalone stores like Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., to bigger big box retailers as well as large discount chains.

So, when you are shopping for shoes from Brown’s, it is of the highest quality and finest materials.  That shoe that you see maybe somewhere else that looks like ours but has a different style name or number and is different price, most likely is a less expensive version.  Vendors will do this so other companies can sell a shoe that looks like the best but doesn’t have all the features and benefits that our shoes have.  Sometimes we will call that a stripped down version, different midsole, different insole, different fabrics in the upper of the shoe.

I hope this helps you understand what we go thru on a daily basis when we are educating our customers about what makes our shoes different than the other guys shoes.


As always, thank you for shopping with Brown’s Shoe Fit Company in Hutchinson.  We look forward to having you in the store.