In our last post, we gave you some tips and tricks to make running in the winter easier on you – but what about your shoes?

When running in the winter, you might notice your body feels stiff, mostly because it’s cold.  Well, the same thing happens to your shoes!  Because of cold temperatures, the insole and midsoles of your shoes will become stiff, and slowly lose that cushioning property they’re supposed to have – over time making running more strenuous on your feet.

When running during the winter months, we recommend buying insoles at least once during the cooler season to make certain the ones you’re using are doing what they’re intended purpose is!

Besides replacing your insoles, don’t forget to keep your shoes clean and in good shape.

We hope this helps you runners and even casual wearers to take care of your shoes, and your feet.


-Brown’s Shoe Fit, Hutchinson