Staff Pick of the Month: Mayari Bordeaux

"The Mayari from Birkenstock is my favorite shoe of the season. I like that the style is more feminine than the classic Birkenstock, with thinner crisscross straps. It has a toe loop that makes them feel more secure. The support is incredible, I can work and stand in them all day and my feet never get tired. The footbed comes in a somewhat wider width that fits great for my feet. The cork sole really molds to my foot [...]

How does the cold weather affect YOUR shoes?

In our last post, we gave you some tips and tricks to make running in the winter easier on you – but what about your shoes? When running in the winter, you might notice your body feels stiff, mostly because it’s cold.  Well, the same thing happens to your shoes!  Because of cold temperatures, the insole and midsoles of your shoes will become stiff, and slowly lose that cushioning property they’re supposed to have – over time making running more [...]

Tips and tricks to make running in the winter easier for YOU!

You're a runner.  You run every day religiously, rain or shine.  So we know snow isn't stopping you either. Running in the winter, especially if it snowed the night before, can be dangerous.  You're prone to things such as slipping, or even getting sick:  All things that the addicted runner in you does not want! Here's a few tips to make running in the winter a cool breeze: EXTRA GRIP so you DON'T SLIP!  Find a good pair of trail shoes [...]

New Web Presence, Traditional Methods

At Brown's Shoe Fit Co., our traditional methods of selling and fitting shoes is the core foundation of our business.  We like folks to come in and chat, sit and relax, and look at shoes.  That's the Brown's way. It may have surprised some folks to see Brown's come out with a website that allows you to look at our entire catalog of shoes; all from the convenience of your home.  We did this because we know that more and [...]

What’s New In Shoe Trends

At Brown's Shoe Fit, we like to keep up with all the trending shoes.  Here's a list of shoe trends for summer of 2016. Casual sneakers: Sneakers are here to stay! Wear them with joggers, leggings, jeans or skirts! Pick a bold color or pattern. They are perfect for the weekends or trips! Platforms: The 70s are back! From wedges to heels- platforms look great from day to evening.  Pair them with jeans or dresses. Go for a bold look with [...]

Proper Fitting Shoes

Here at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co., we believe in fitting people properly; starting with the right size and then the right shoe for the activity it’s being used for.  Here are some tips that we use/ believe in to help you find the perfect shoe: Get your foot measured every year; your feet change as you age especially if you work in an environment where you stand/walk a lot. Always fit your larger foot. Get the right shoe for the [...]